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September 27, 2008

MDP contact numbers in Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka


Capt. Ismail Zaki +6016 2630799

Mr. Abdullah Haseen +6017 3641196


Mr. Abdul Raheed (Badidhoo) +919895322020

Ms. Aisha Sheryn +919944383529


Colombo Jagaha: +94112863627
Hotline: +94777442714

Pls sms or call above personals for assistance on voting on 8th Oct.


  1. maves indiah sundayga dhan. mdp in buni kameh kohadhayn thah yaaarah mihureee. ekamaku aharen dhanee bangalore ah!!!!

    Comment by Anonymous — September 27, 2008 @ 3:00 pm

  2. who ever want to assist MDP in India, Malaysia, SriLanka please contact these personal as soon as possible.
    salaam and thank you all. MDP must win this election for to good of the nation.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 27, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

  3. There is nothing new mujuthaba.gadhagey saleem,solaah shihab and likes of them can offer to Maldivian people at these modern times. they are out of date and expired.
    So called trinity boys are very irresponsible bunch of maldivians who only want power and position in any governement but does not have vision and modern thinking to change this country. They do not have courage and lack basics of a good man. There past record speaks for them. certainly more negetives then positives.Their contribution for reform is limited to few apearences when the youth already built the momemtum without them. Funniest thing is when Anni is not on the raod these guys were sleeping and they dont seems to be disturbed with whats going on. These people are part of the problem in defferent uniforms.
    Now coming back from behind for Maumoon. How lovely an act. Not accepting Anni is not accepting the reform movement and not accepting the people who is bringing change. Thats equal to help killing the reform and change inorder to save the businesses and low rent for the resorts. These are the agents and represntatives of the kiiler industry who will do every thing to pay USD 2000 bed rent per year . Dear reformists lets face them before election rather the after election.

    Comment by Winner — September 27, 2008 @ 11:50 pm

  4. There is a very serious matter in politics in maldives that the people in the fiftees and above does not understand feelings of the young people of this small nation. As well they are rejecting the youth and reform movement. They do not understand that they do not have the power any more to stop the youth and reform movement. The number is bigger and the blood is hotter and knowledge base is wider with the reform movement and the youth of this country. Its just that illegal money in the wrong pockets created this miserable situation.
    The youth must stand up strong with clear mind that they them selves can change this country.Its not about money and its about comitment and decipline.
    “I DONT HAVE MONEY TO GIVE BUT I HAVE STRONG HOPE” says the champion of the refom movement of this country showing the direction.
    HE WHO HAS HOPE HAS HOPE AND HE WHO HAS HOPE HAS EVERY THING. lets write history without Mujuthaba, Solah, Abdul Sattar yusuf, go go and likes of them.
    Reject the evil in any colors.
    Support ANNI-WAHEED dream team and vote for them with very clear mind that “my vote is for change.”

    Get up stand up and change this country for the way you want it to be with Anni.

    cheers ******

    Comment by Winner — September 28, 2008 @ 12:14 am

  5. Dhunya was saying that Maumoon has given so many rights to women. But why there has never been any woman wearing buruga in the cabinet. Why a buruga wearing woman cannot join NSS, become a pilot, work in Island Aviation, sometime back the national swimming champion also had to face government’s hatred when she wore buruga. Even in IGMH the ablution area is only made for men. My wife worked at SHE before and she told they continued to criticize staff who wear buruga there. It was obvious that Maumoon (and Nasreena’s) regime were discriminatory. Decisions about womens projects are made by women in big chairs in Male’. What about the women in islands, are they asked. I can still remember what one women lawyer in Male told me “People in islands will not know, it will be better to make decisions by us”. This was also a lawyer who used to assist Gender ministry.

    Comment by mohonu — September 28, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

  6. One of the presidential candidate was saying that he will make a fixed period of expatriate workers. I think such decisions are “dictatorial”. decision making need to be participatory. In one of the islands i stayed there is a foreign doctor and a foreign nurse alone. in such a situation if the doctor and nurse had to leave after a fixed term, who will suffer? the people will suffer. because may be the people wanted the doctor and the nurse to stay. Also so far no party has talked about the human rights of the foriegn labourers. We are Muslims, we need to understand they also have rights. All the embassies in Male’ are concerned about the bad treatment by companies to them. this cannot persist, sooner or later countries like India and Bangladesh will be outspoken about whats happening in Maldives. We need to change, we need to make good rules, we need to force maldivians to become disciplined people. we need human rights.

    Comment by mohonu — September 28, 2008 @ 3:56 pm

  7. In 2002 in the world sustainable development conference the countries agreed with teh UN Agenda 21, which calls for public participation in decision making. I doubt if most government officials are even aware of this. Such things are only mentioned in government reports sent to foreign countries to please them. Now a days for projects carried out in islands some consultations are done by some ministries, however residents of Male’ has never ever got a chance to raise voice over any project. Because i wanted to put my expressions i went to websites of others also but they did not have this kind of facility. so only this webiste had given me the chance. now i remember what anni said, he said he will promote a rayyithunge verikameh.

    Comment by mohonu — September 28, 2008 @ 4:02 pm

  8. All his life late bodufenvalhuge seedhi has been fooling maldivian people specially poeple from islands.
    Now what is Mr. Mujuthab doing sitting next public gethering with Island people like Mr. jameel and hassan Saeed. is he plain the same old bodufenvalhuge games.
    Whats Solah and gahdahgey saleem doing in the same gethering. Its 100% sure that these peopel would not allow an island person to become president of maldives.
    Indeed all they are doing is trying to block and doing all they can stop Anni winning this election.
    Dear Youth please play your card as you are bigger in numbers , wiser in your thinking and more educated then them. This is your time. get up stand up and stand to Win.

    Comment by Winner — September 28, 2008 @ 9:09 pm